Tree Felling & Removal

It’s always a shame to have to fell or remove a tree completely, but sometimes it is unavoidable through either disease or to make way for development, so even if the tree has simply grown too large for your premises.

Needless to say when a tree has to be removed especially a large one you need professional help, and our highly trained, highly qualified and highly experienced team of tree surgeons are always on hand to assist you, be it in a commercial or residential environment.

Harbour Tree care can manage the entire process from start to finish from the initial inspection of the tree and site to the felling and complete removal of the tree from your premises, including removal of the stump if required.

Commercial Tree Removal

From commercial site clearances to a single tree in a precarious positions tree felling and removal on commercial sites takes care, knowledge and planning, ensuring the removal of a tree of any size without damage or undue disruption to your business is a specialism of Harbour Tree Care.

Residential Tree Removal

Whilst the vast majority of the tree felling and removal work undertaken by ourselves is done for the commercial sector we always happy to undertake residential tree work and no matter how big the tree or how close to your property you can rest assured that Harbour Tree Care has the expertise and equipment to remove your tree quickly and safely, with the minimum of fuss.

Expert Tree Surgeons Hinckley, Leicestershire

Site Clearance

In addition to felling and removal of trees, we can also arrange for the site to be cleared, or for on-site mulching of all timber, site clearance can also include bramble and bush etc, see our dedicated site clearance page for information on our capabilities.

Site Clearance - Tree Felling & Lumber Removal