Tree Stump Removal in Leicestershire

Tree stump removal via Stump Grinding is the fastest way to remove unsightly or problem tree stumps from your property, we can grind the stump down to 6 – 12 inches below ground level, our specialist stump grinding service is available throughout Leicestershire, Warwickshire and the surrounding areas.

Stump Grinding

Harbour Tree Care employ specialist machinery to remove your tree stump quickly and efficiently with the minimum and fuss, our stump grinding team can grind your tree stump down a depth of 6 – 12 inches below ground level, with all the waste material being incorporated back into the surrounding topsoil meaning almost no mess, and a totally organic disposal of the waste.

Our smallest stump grinder requires an access point to your property of only 30 inches meaning we can access almost any property and remove that unsightly tree stump with the minimum of fuss.

Stump Grinding Hinckley, Leicestershire, Warwickshire

Alternatives to Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is probably the fastest, most efficient and one of the most environmentally friendly ways of removing a problem tree stump, however, there are other ways to remove a problem stump after the removal of a tree.

Manual Tree Stump Removal

After the removal of smaller trees, it is possible to remove the stump manually by digging around the stump and cutting it away from its roots with an axe or saw before removing it.

Of course, once your tree stump is free from the ground you will still be left with a large piece of wood that needs to be chopped up and disposed of or left to rot on your premises, and a large hole in the ground that needs to be filled.

Most council garden waste collection services will not collect tree stumps, restricting their collections to twigs and small branches only.

Burning the Stump

This method we really really do not recommend for a number of reasons but it is possible to deal with a problem stump by building a fire around it and burning it out, not only is this method problematic because it is difficult to keep the fire hot enough to actually burn the large mass of the stump, but also because garden fires can cause a nuisance to neighbours, although Hinckley & Bosworth Council do not ban garden fires apart from a small number of houses on Watling Street in Witherley, you could still wind up in trouble if smoke is allowed to drift across a road.

Chemical Stump Removal

Chemical tree stump removal works by drilling holes in the stump to aid absorption and then pouring a chemical tree stump remover into the holes, (most of these chemicals are based around powdered potassium nitrate) which reacts with the wood to soften and cause it to rot most quickly.

Once applied you will need to keep children and animals away from the stump as it can cause harm, in general, the stump should start to soften within a few weeks, once deemed soft enough to deal with you are still faced with the job of manually digging it out and disposing of the stump (the resulting wood should not be composted and put back into your garden.

Note: All of the manual removal methods above will leave you with a hole that needs to be filled with topsoil, this is one of the big advantages of stump grinding, as the waste from removal is used to re-fill the hole and quickly rots down into a great organic topsoil.